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In a world of insincerity, religious wars, corrupt corporations and politicians, The Great Pumpkin stands as a shining beacon of truth, sincerity and The True Meaning of Halloween. For generations, The Great Pumpkin has delivered us from the mundane, allowing us to enjoy a world steeped in The Spooky. We are the children of Charles Shultz, Ray Bradbury, Charles Addams, Edward Gorey and Tim Burton. We pray to Saint Price, Saint Munster and Saint Beistle. We pay reverence every year to the Disney Apostles Ichabod and Chernobog. We love Halloween more than Christmas.

We areย The Pumpkinauts, members of The Cult of The Great Pumpkin. If you’re reading this, you’re one of us, else you’d’ve never clicked the link that led you to these words. Accept it. You love Halloween. Sincerely.

It’s OK. So do we.

  • You forgot to put Bradbury among the Halloween gods. sounds like an awesome mission.

  • John

    5 years, dressed as Johnny Cash, bag full of candy, smile on my face, and I asked my Mom a very dangerous question, " Can we skip Christmas and just have another Halloween?"

  • HallowsEveQueen1985

    Ah, all these stories and missions makes me happy and proud I was born on Halloween. And you know what? Pumpkinauts has to be the coolest religion i’ve heard of so far. (*^*)

  • glen

    just became a Pumpkinaut and now i have a purpose !

  • JamesCooger

    This is a wonderful and unnerving experience. To read everything I have on this site (disclaimer included, don’t worry) is scary experience, as it makes me think I may indeed have a split personality that studies the art of digital design while I sleep. Everything you’ve said, EVERYTHING, echos my own feelings on our most beloved holiday, with all the same poetry to dress it. I’ve written fun and satirical ‘ritual’ books and herralded Brad Bury as a saint for many Halloweens, never daring to dream someone out there may be demented in the exact same way I am. All in good fun, all in moderation, but here is another soul who dares and dreams dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before … until now, that is. The macabre, hand in hand with the magical. The Peanuts, and The Pendulum. The Candy and the Carnage. Not merely the alure of the horrific and dark, but of the bright and flickering orange glow of everything that is Halloween. You sir, as Mr.Bradbury and I myself enjoy to put it, are one of the Autumn People, thinking only Autumn thoughts, and I cannot WAIT to share these thoughts with someone. I am at the disposal of this site, and all the good it stands for.

  • Euro Sophie

    Halloween/Samhain is a special day for me for many reasons. I have always loved and been excited for Halloween, I love everything about the holiday. My Fiance and I celebrate our anniversary on Halloween (7 years on 21/10/17! ๐Ÿ™‚ and as a Welsh pagan, Samhain is a religious holiday for me, it is a night when the veil is thin.

    I am definitely a Pumpkinaut! ๐Ÿ˜€ <3 This cult is awesome! I am so glad that I clicked that link!

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