Is This For Real?

Is This For Real?

Your first question, upon hearing about the Cult of the Great Pumpkin, was likely “Is this for real?” That’s a perfectly reasonable response.

The answer to that question: Yes, it’s for real. And no, it’s not.

Is this an actual cult that literally worships a sentient gourd? Nope. That’d be crazy. There are enough crazy cults in the world, thank you.

Is this a group of people who really, sincerely love Halloween? Who love the iconography and imagery of the holiday, the dark, spooky and creative energies it channels, and who want to see the Great Pumpkin take his rightful place next to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? ABSOLUTELY.

So don’t think about it too hard. Don’t take it too seriously. As long as your love of Halloween is sincere, well, that’s all we ask.

  • Robert

    BTW, Best to spell the Holiday as Hallowe'en. The apostrophe is important.

  • Y'know, I've gone back and forth on that one. I personally prefer Hallowe'en – I think it adds a dash of that Victorian flare. I think I smell a user poll…

  • I've added a poll on the right. Let me know if I forgot a variation!

  • Do I have to shave my head and learn a special chant to join the cult? That would be sweet. Maybe a secret handshake as well?

    • Special Chant: Repeat after me: OWA TAGOO SIAM! OWA TAGOO SIAM!

  • Bodhi Hurt

    Ok so I got signed up for the discussion how do I actually sign up for the page? Every time I click the log in link it doesn’t say sign up anywhere just log in.

    • Ack! Thanks for the heads up! Somehow registration had disabled itself; it’s been re-activated and I’ve also added a direct link to it (Now Login and Register are under “Members” up top, there. 🙂

      • Bodhi Hurt

        Thanks man appreciate it.

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