Music for Haunts: Witch’s Tale

  • Posted : September 2nd, 2017

Music for Haunts has given us a wonderful collection of music to kick off the 2017 Halloween season. Titled simply “Witch’s Tale”, every track was commissioned for a different theme park haunted attraction during the 2016 Halloween season. This album represents Music for Haunt’s favorite songs from the season. The most popular theme was Witches, so that sound became the focus of the album.

The collection opens with a quiet invocation, followed by the title track Witch’s Tale, which clearly references the score from the movie The VVitch (lonely, desolate strings) just for a moment, before swelling into something much more adventurous and stirring – this music would be just as at home in the opening credits of a major motion picture or as the key theme for a new Disney attraction.

The rest of the album is a wonderful spooky mix of themed tracks that’ll really get you in the mood for the season, from creepy scene-setters like “Surgical Clinic,” to the riotous carnival Creature Feature-esque track “The Ringmaster’s Overture,” to a really fun retro-style Halloween song “Trick or Treating Time.” Better still, many of the songs and themes reference each other, both lyrically and melodically, making the whole thing feel like one cohesive soundtrack to a movie you’d really love to see.

Here is the track “Witch’s Tale” – you can get the entire album at!

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